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Below are a list of our services. These have been divided into three categories.

1. Consultancy

2. Building Approvals

3. Property Services



• Pre development compliance advice

• Identification of cost saving design options

• Preparation of Modification submissions

• Schematic Design desk-top review and reporting

• DDA advice

• Peer review of fire engineered or performance based alternative solutions

• Expert Witness representation in relation to state based building regulations

• Negotiations with local authorities including Councils, Fire Brigade, Commonwealth Agencies etc.

• Part J Energy Efficiency Reviews

• Interpretation of Building Legislation

• Aged Care Accreditation Inspections/reports (pre-construction/post-construction)

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Building Approvals

Building Approvals

• Building approvals/permits

• Occupancy permits/certificates

• Mandatory Building Inspections including public protection, foundations, frames, pre-finals etc)

• Certification of design documentation against compliance with Building Regulations and Referenced Standards

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Property Services/Essential Safety Measures Services

Property Services

• Due Diligence Reports

• Building Code of Australia Audits

• Fire safety and risk audits

• Negotiations with authorities to facilitate removal of Building Notices/Orders

• Aged Care Accreditation Inspection/Reports

Essential Safety Measures Services etc

• Building audit to identify essential safety measures present

• Essential service compliance reporting including identifying defects visible on site and log book audit

• Auditing of maintenance contractors

• Quarterly and annual passive inspections

• Co-ordination of maintenance for all active services

• Preparation of essential safety measures tender contracts including fire services and mechanical services etc

• Preparation of essential services manual

• Annual essential safety, measures report

• Rationalisation /cost effective solutions to Essential Safety Measures problems

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