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Most effective and best value consultancyBy choosing PLP Building Surveyors & Consultants Pty Ltd, you have our commitment that we will provide building surveying services of the highest calibre. We strive to provide the most effective and best value consultancy available.

We submit the following information to give an indication of why we stand out from the pack.

• Work pro-actively with the entire design team.

• Work through the designs with the other consultants and offer pertinent recommendations on regulatory needs in order to assist in the prompt resolution of design issues and problems.

• Act as the principal regulations adviser throughout the project. We do not delegate or pass along responsibility. We do not call for self-certification of services or structural designs by the design consultants.

• Act swiftly and expeditiously to the benefit of the project.

• Actively participate in design meetings, taking a firm lead in regulatory matters.

• Endeavour to keep ahead of consultants’ queries on building surveying matters.

• Actively source and consider more effective and economic solutions to problems.

• Draw on our extensive experience with other major projects and offer solutions and suggestions based on that experience.

• Thoroughly investigate schemes as they develop, promptly advise on items that may not conform to regulatory parameters, and identify ways in which compliance may best be achieved.

• Hold our quotation in line with the conditions of our fee proposal and not charge “extra” for incidental services.

• We meet deadlines.


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